LinyX Tax Software TaxPass Mobile App

Linyx TaxPass App Flyer

The TaxPass Mobile App allows taxpayers to snap pictures and submit their tax documents to you from anywhere, without ever stepping foot in your office. Using the information sent through the App, you’ll prepare the return and send it back to the taxpayer to digitally sign. They sign, send it back through the App and the return is ready to be E-Filed. It’s fast, easy and secure!

Prepare Taxes In Minutes!!!

The App includes a chat feature for communication between you and your clients and is fully integrated into your LinyX Tax Software. TaxPass is available for Android and iOS mobile devices. Your clients can download TaxPass from the App Store or get it on Google Play. Save Time, Money, & Headache with The TaxPass Mobile App. Being A Tax Preparer Has Never Been More Convenient!

  • Clients can start/update tax returns

  • Easy access to tax return status

  • Taxpayers can upload supporting documentation to tax preparer

  • Remote signature capture

  • Integrated messaging

  • And so much more…

TaxPass App Flyer Template